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  Hospifind was designed with the goal of increasing healthcare system capacity during the COVID-19 pandemic. We're sure you've heard of the now world-famous "flatten the curve" diagram which encapsulates the positive effects of social distancing. By practicing social distancing and washing hands, everyone helps to spread out infections over a longer period of time and prevent dangerous, hospital-overloading, spikes in cases. The less-discussed second part of this diagram is the line which depicts the health care system capacity. This line can be raised in a variety of ways, such as by manufacturing more ventilators and coronavirus tests.

  Hospifind works to #RaiseTheLine by optimally distributing patients among hospitals to prevent individual care centers from being overloaded. At the same time, Hospifind ensures patients get the best care possible and helps hospitals to easily and intuitively manage their data. The Hospifind team has worked with doctors and hospitals throughout the United States to create and fine-tune this system to ensure every patient can get the care they need, every hospital can learn from their trends, and every government can prepare for and fight back against new outbreaks within their jurisdiction. Together, we can save the live of patients and doctors, while preventing hospital-overload across the country and around the world.

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